Students, staff sign UIndy PACT pledge

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The University of Indianapolis’ Division of Student Affairs put forth the initiative UIndy PACT on Feb. 2. UIndy PACT stands for “protect, advocate,  communicate and transform.”

UIndy PACT is an effort to get the entire community involved in looking out for one another through participation in a variety of educational activities centered on health and wellness programming.

“The purpose and goal of PACT is to start doing bystander training for faculty, staff and students as another way to help look out for one another,” said Vice President for Student and Campus Affairs and Dean of Students Kory Vitangeli. “If you are in a place where you notice something going on, whether it is some type of sexual misconduct, bullying—whether it is just someone being rude to someone else—you step up and intervene to help keep UIndy a place everyone wants to be…. For UIndy PACT to make the campus a place where everyone feels valued and safe is the ultimate goal.”

Two students display the T-shirts they received after signing the UIndy PACT. The T-shirts were handed out to all students who signed. Contributed by Kristin Weeden

According to Vitangeli, UIndy PACT is not your average health and wellness program.

“There were so many areas doing health and wellness programming, but we wanted to do it in a way that was impactful. We wanted to do something that was meaningful,” Vitangeli said.

According to Vitangeli, UIndy PACT is the beginning of something that could remain with UIndy for a long while, and it is a step to prevent people from thinking that bullying or any other type of misconduct is allowed. It gives students the courage to say something when they see an incident occurring. Signing to UIndy PACT, students vow to be no longer a bystander, but part of the solution.

“Just signing gave me the strength to step up for someone if need be,” said freshman nursing major Andi Bailey. “UIndy PACT is extremely great because it makes these situations we talk about very prominent. Instead of putting it on the backburner, it’s making the pledge to say something and speak up. I want more people to pledge. It’s a good thing to pledge as well as UIndy having a goal to making it to 1,000 signatures.”

Residence Director  of East Hall Troy Heffron said UIndy PACT is helping spread awareness across campus.

“UIndy PACT helps people be aware of how they need to respond to things when they might come across a bad situation,” he said. “I look forward to seeing what will come out of starting UIndy PACT. I’ve got some good feelings, [that] good things will come.”

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