The Endless River

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eased its final album on Nov. 7.  The album, entitled “The Endless River” has already shattered records in the United Kingdom for the most pre-ordered album of all time. The album is new, but the band retains the best of its old sound. In classic Pink Floyd fashion, all but two of the tracks are instrumental. The 14th song, “Talkin’ Hawkin” is one of the only songs with vocals and features iconic scientist Stephen Hawking’s with his computer-aided voice. The methodical guitar and soft sounds are great easy listening. The album is perfect background music for studying or doing other work. I listened to the album for the first time the only way a Pink Floyd album should ever be listened to, all at once and without distractions. The sound was very reminiscent of the first and the last track, both entitled “Shine on You Crazy Diamond” on their 1975 album “Wish You Were Here.” This  album idealizes all that Pink Floyd is.


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