Professional Edge Center appoints three new assistant directors to help students

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The University of Indianapolis Professional Edge Center recently appointed three assistant directors — Libby Davis, Nicole Martinez-LeGrand and Jennifer Smith — to further build its team. The center assists UIndy students with job shadowing, engaging with alumni in their major, community service, employer visits to campus, and mock job interviews.

Smith is the Assistant Director for Public Service and Nonprofit Management/Social Services.  She came to UIndy from St. Vincent Cancer Care, where she served as an outreach coordinator and patient navigator. Smith went to Purdue University,  where she earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology, and then to IUPUI, where she earned her master’s degree in social work.

Smith explained that there are options for a student who wants to contact someone at the center,  which is located in the Alumni House on campus.

The office hours are from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Mondays through Fridays, Smith said. However, there are students who drop in while they are interviewing or meeting with other students, so it is best for students to send an email.Smith said that she is very enthusiastic about her new job at the center.

“I’m excited about investing in the energy of students and, although the students may feel like they’re coming to learn from us and get pointers from us and, especially, seek our advice, I feel like I’m learning as much from the students as I’m pouring into them.”

Martinez-LeGrand is the Assistant Director for Arts and Humanities/Communication and Law. She used to work as a community relations liaison for the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. She has a bachelor’s degree in art history from Marian University and a master’s degree in museum studies from IUPUI. She encouraged students to drop in during office hours if they are confused about how to reach the center or which person to contact for their needs. She said that the center’s student workers have access to the staff’s calendars and will be able to set up an appointment with the correct person.Martinez-LeGrand said the Professional Edge Center is “instrumental in our city’s success.” She also said that she does not look at the students she meets as just students.

“They might be my future colleague. They might be my future employer. They might be my boss some day, who knows,” Martinez-LeGrand said.

Davis is the Assistant Director of Manufacturing and Logistics/Financial Services and Entrepreneurship. She has a bachelor’s degree in liberal studies and a minor in business administration from UIndy. She has been an assistant director in Career Services at UIndy for more than 10 years.

Davis, a UIndy alumna, said that she considers it a privilege to work with students.

“I think, on a micro-level, helping our student body gain the confidence and skills and helping them understand they come in with skills, abilities and talents [is important],” Davis said.  “Then, we work on developing those and then develop new skills and talents and abilities.”

Davis said that as this process unfolds, students end up broadening their vision, much like removing blinders.

She said she believes “confidence building is so key.”

With the addition of these three assistant directors, the Professional Edge Center now has six members on its team.  They plan to add two more members for their team to be complete.

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