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Throughout the years, students have always given the quality of food a wide variety of reviews. The University of Indianapolis is no different. Depending on the day, you may get comments on the food quality from delicious, I however enjoy the food. That is, for the most part. There have been many occasions where I have sat with friends, and they would say we don’t have anything to eat. I can say there have been moments when I wanted more variety. For instance, when I come to the dining hall, I want options that I can’t get at Streets. The sandwiches and chicken tenders in the dining hall could be replaced with other options.

I will describe other issue I have run into with the food quality at Streets. For example, I am not a fan of the change in sauces. They have recently taken away the barbecue sauce that came individually packaged and told us to use the pumps. The barbecue in the pumps does not offer the same sweet taste. I tried to give the pump barbecue a try, but I was left unsatisfied. I remember when the change first started, I would check for the barbecue sauce before I ordered. Now, without the sauce my sandwiches do not taste as delicious. I have also heard the same issue about the honey mustard from friends.  One other sauce that is not the same is the sugar free syrup UIndy Dining Services has brought in to the dining hall. It is a different texture that does not taste as sweet and it seems as though the sugar added to the sweetness of the syrup.

I have also heard my friends complain about the flavor of some of the dishes. I myself have had to take the time to season a fry or two. I know one of the issues may be dietary, so a solution would be to have an option for both those who have dietary issues and those who do not.

I really should not just speak about the negatives because for the most part, I actually do like the food. For instance, everyone is very familiar with the Wing Fridays, and I noticed that UIndy Dining Services have started to use a different style of chicken wing. Instead of the regular fried wings, they now use a more breaded style. I’ve always had a soft spot for Streets, as well. I recently started to get the grilled chicken sandwich. Putting bacon on it makes it one of my favorites.

Compared to some other campuses I’ve visited I prefer the food at UIndy. Those in charge of UIndy Dining Services has done a great job of filling Ted Polk’s shoes.

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