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>> Right off of Monument Circle is Giorgio’s Pizza. I immediately felt like Giorgio’s provided a calm retreat in busy and bustling downtown Indianapolis. The restaurant itself looks like what an actual Italian pizza parlor should look like. The music included a range of songs from back in the 1970s to much more modern songs from 2014. Giorgio’s operates on a pizza-by-the-slice method. So I ordered one slice of the Supreme Pizza and a regular breadstick. After I ordered, I found a table and talked with a friend until our food was delivered. Giorgio’s delivers the food fresh out of the oven, so let your food sit for a bit before digging in. Out of all of the pizza-by-the-slice restaurants, Giorgio’s impressed me the most. The flavors of the pizza blended well, and the breadstick was just as delicious. One downside is that refills on drinks cost 25 cents for a regular drink and 50 cents for a large. But if you are looking for affordable pizza, look no further.


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