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>>  My visit to Twenty Tap was pretty good. Located thirty minutes away from the UIndy campus, the  restaurant was easy to reach. My first impression of the place was that it was definitely a different style establishment than what I have personally witnessed. The smell of the overall restaurant was not so much of food but more of a clean, fresh smell. The food on the menu was considerably different than what I thought it would be. The food was good, though, and they gave me a decent portion to eat at affordable and fair prices. At Twenty Tap, the waiter I had kept switching on and off with a waitress. The waitress seemed irritated and came off rather rude, but the waiter was attentive and very nice and helpful. I had a hamburger and a side order of french fries with a lemonade. The food was great. Overall, I enjoyed my time at Twenty Tap, and I recommend going. Even though 30 minutes may seem to some a long way to drive, it was worth it, and I plan on going back soon.


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