Who Am I This Time?

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>>The Indiana Repertory Theatre’s production of Kurt Vonnegut’s “Who am I This Time? (& Other Conundrums of Love)” is a spirited, quick-witted and wildly colorful presentation of some of Vonnegut’s lesser known and tamer short stories. The play weaves together three unrelated stories into an overarching narrative, with the gaps between stories being filled by music and monologue. While it is not necessarily canon Vonnegut, the stories come together in a way that is just as seamless as the actors’ movement on stage, constantly changing the scene with the simple addition of a single prop or a few words from a cast member. The energy never dissipates due to the cast’s energy. Because the play is based on short stories, the telling of the stories differs vastly from typical plays. The play is hilarious, thoughtful and incessantly warm. The production runs until Feb. 23. Tickets and information can be found at irtlive.com. And so on.

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