Senior Send-off 2022: Alex Vela

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When I graduated high school, I did not have a clear path to follow. I knew I wanted to go to college, but did not know which one to attend. I knew I wanted to get a degree, but I did not know what to study. I knew I wanted to play baseball, but I did not know who would recruit me to their team or if my playing days were over.

All of these questions and concerns did not bring me to the University of Indianapolis right away. Instead it took me to Fort Wayne, Indiana to play junior college baseball at Ivy Tech Community College.

The two constants I have had in my life are family and baseball. After my time at Ivy Tech, it was time to transfer somewhere else to play the game I love, and it was time to move closer to home and the people that I love as well. When I received an offer from UIndy to play baseball before my sophomore season of college, I pretty much knew where I’d be playing ball for the next two years. 

This is what I thought at least, but the world had different plans. The COVID-19 pandemic hit during my second semester at UIndy in my junior year, so I was limited to 15 games with my new team, and only about a little bit more than half of the academic year in person. 

In an attempt to get things back to normal, classes were in a hybrid form the following year. I joined The Reflector during the second semester of my senior year. I was very behind on many of my major classes and requirements without really even knowing it. I enjoyed the class, because I love writing and the interview process. I think it’s amazing how there’s so much information out there that people know and the different opinions and beliefs that people have. I love talking to people about anything that they are passionate about.

If you do not know me or could not have put the clues together yet, my passion is sports. I want to be someone whose job revolves around sports. I am a college baseball player right now, but there will be a day where I am not able to run out on that field. I want to try my hand at a lot of things in this life.

Representing UIndy as a student-athlete and The Reflector as a staff member and business manager are things that I take pride in. Being from Indianapolis is a major reason I am here in the first place. However, baseball brought me here and the sport has brought me so much more than anyone could possibly imagine. 

It has brought me friends for a lifetime, challenges that have made me stronger and the discipline and hard work that will help me in whatever I choose to do in the next stage of my life. 

Thank you UIndy for having me these past couple of years. Thank you to all of the staff and faculty that has helped me get to this point in my life. Thank you to my family. Thank you to all of my coaches and teammates throughout all the years. If you have been with me on any part of this journey, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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