Senior Goodbye: Luke Ostenson

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I was a latecomer to UIndy and the communication department, only being here for two years as a baseball transfer from Kansas, and even a “latercomer” to journalism and The Reflector, joining my very last semester of college. Nevertheless, it was a great decision. I felt welcomed to The Reflector from the very beginning. I felt needed as a team member and supported throughout the whole process of learning the skill of writing as a journalist. I could count on the energy and guidance from Professor Criswell every time we met. Each editor that I worked with was extremely helpful and gracious, giving extensive feedback to help me progress. There is no doubt that I have significantly improved as a journalistic writer in just one semester. 

I am thankful for my experience and the great Reflector group that I was blessed to meet this semester. A takeaway worth passing on to others is that it’s never too late to try something new. Through most of my time in college, journalism wasn’t something that I envisioned doing, but now I’m so glad I ventured into it. 

I would also like to thank my professors for your investment in me, your continual effort to help equip me not only for a career, but for the challenges of life. Thank you, Athletes In Action and Chi Alpha, for being a rock for me, helping me grow in my faith and providing me with an awesome community of friends. To my baseball coaches, I extend a huge thank you, as I wouldn’t even be at UIndy without you. Your belief and investment in me means the world to me. And to my friends and teammates, I’ll forever be grateful to have met you, and I cherish our friendship. I write this now from my home in Kansas, and although my time at UIndy was cut short due to COVID-19, my heart is thankful and full of memories from UIndy that are now a part of who I am. And for that, I am truly blessed.

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