UIndy provides updates on campus housing in wake of decision to permanently move classes online for the rest of the semester

Following the University of Indianapolis’ decision to move classes to online or alternative delivery methods for the rest of the semester in the midst of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, Vice President for Student and Campus Affairs and Dean of Students Kory Vitangeli announced in an email to students that residence halls and apartments on campus will remain open. The university will also allow residence hall students to move out early, if they choose to do so.

Students can stay in residence halls or move out early

While residence halls will be open for the remainder of the semester, the university is still strongly encouraging that students return to their permanent residences if they are able to, Vitangeli said. 

If students are currently at home, they do not have to move out their belongings right now. Students can keep their belongings in their rooms for as long as they would like as long as they move out of the halls by May 2. 

The only exception moving out by May 2 is for residence hall students who are taking spring term or summer courses. Vitangeli said that more information about spring term and summer courses will provided later in the semester.

If any students need to stay in the residence halls, they need to inform UIndy with the reason why they need to stay through this form.

Students who would like to move out of their residence halls early are welcome to do so, Vitangeli said. Once students have packed up their items and are ready to check out, they should return their keys and complete this form. Residence Life staff will also provide more information to students soon.

Regardless of whether or not students are staying or leaving their residence halls, they need to fill out this form to let the university know their intentions.

Apartments will remain open

Students who live in College Crossing, Greyhound Village and the University Lofts will be allowed to stay in their apartments, Vitangeli said. Students who live in the apartments will need to fill out this form to let UIndy know if they are staying. Vitangeli said apartment residents need to fill out the form so that UIndy knows who is on campus in case of an emergency.

No guests allowed in campus housing

According to Vitangeli, no guests will be allowed inside apartments or residence halls until further notice. The restriction includes day-time, overnight and drop-in guests who are residents of any campus resident building.

All amenity areas in the three campus apartment complexes are closed, including common spaces and fitness facilities, along with the fitness center in Roberts Hall, Vitangeli said. The closure is due to recommendations from local health agencies.

Vitangeli said that students who remain on campus are responsible for their own health and well-being. The university expects students to practice social distancing and common sense in reference to government directives and the guidelines UIndy has put out. 

Some services on campus remain open for students

Dining Services, the Health & Wellness Center and Counseling Center will be open during this time. For Dining Services, the food court areas and the Hound Express will be some of the only options open starting March 23. In addition, the Perk locations in the Health Pavilion and Schwitzer Student Center will be open.

The Health & Wellness and Counseling centers are offering distance consultations if any students are planning to be off-campus and would need to talk to anyone from the centers. If any student needs a distance consultation, they can contact the Health & Wellness Center at (317) 788-3437 and the Counseling Center at (317) 788-5015.

Dining Services Hours:

  • The Food Court will have continuous dining from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., however, the hours are subject to change. The to-go program will also remain in effect.
  • The Hound Express will be open from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., however, the hours are subject to change.

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