Off and Running: On campus weddings

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Love is in the air at UIndy, and some alumni, current students and professors have celebrated their weddings here. Weddings seem rampant on campus and, honestly, I want it to stop.

A wedding is a single moment in your life to capture the past, present and future of your lifetime with your significant other. Having a wedding at a place where you once attended college, or even worked, does not give those moments and memories the time or tone they deserve. It would be so much harder for me to say “I do” while my former astronomy professor who once gave me a C+ on my term paper, walks by UIndy Hall.

Having a wedding on campus almost turns it into a public event. Weddings should be a private ceremony with friends and family. 

The event of your lifetime will be on display to all those students trying to bum a swipe from someone in Schwitzer because they really want a vanilla latte at 7 p.m. Weddings on a college campus, especially during the school year, are a lot less private than private events should be.

A person’s wedding day should be a time to display intimacy to their fiancé, friends and family, not students running late for class or spilling their grapes and sobbing about it. Even if UIndy is where you discovered your love for someone, the campus does not seem like an ideal place to celebrate that feeling. Of course people have made lifelong memories at UIndy. But, as a student myself, I would find it difficult to remember the night we crammed together for finals as the most beautiful six hours past midnight. 

I love a good romance story as much as the next person, but current students, faculty and staff do not want to hear your vows when they walk by UIndy Hall. Opening up about a certain part of your life to your friends and family, who may know nothing about your life at school, may sound quaint, but personally all it really does is bring back exam nightmares. 

School is a stepping stone into your next stage of life, albeit an important one. Your whole life is on trial. There’s a reason why they ask if anyone objects in a wedding. Love can be expressed in many ways, and I can’t see the attraction in coming back to your former campus.

Some may have reasons to marry at UIndy, and I can understand why they have them, despite all of my grievances. 

The university offers cheaper costs compared to some other places around the city, and there usually are not enough locations that fit your idea of the perfect spot. However, it’s hard to make a case that UIndy is the “perfect place.” Alumni trail blazed a lot of the things that I can appreciate on campus, particularly their support of the university that I attend. It’s important to understand the generations of students before you. Alumni, current students and faculty have done enough for this university that they  can celebrate their life with their fiancé somewhere much more private and intimate. 

But no one’s here to stop you from living your fairy tale wedding fantasy.

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