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annihilationThe film “Annihilation” is a true tribute to a sci-fi journey entangled with mind-numbing dreamlands that blind you with artistry. What is the cost of such a great visual performance? A plot that leaves so many to question what they watched as they leave the theater.

Many of the events that occur in “Annihilation” seem to simply use the unnatural phenomenon known as the Shimmer to break any form of logic. It relies so much on this fantastical
element that bends all forms of science to do what it pleases. The film does this by having people in different scientific fields explain to the audience how the fantasy elements relate to the real world.

Oddly enough, “Annihilation” explains why everything is so mysterious. An example being a scene in the film where plants have grown into the shape of humans. Lena describes it as a refraction of the human gene pool into the plant life. The use of scientific jargon and facial expressions tells us that what’s being shown is not normal.

The effects of the Shimmer are constantly changing the DNA of the characters and creatures in the film. To understand this, the film tells the audience why by giving them the tension between the cast of characters. They also do this by creating tension between humanity and the crossbred species that inhabit “the Shimmer” in the film.

Altogether, “Annihilation” is a film that will probably never be understood on a first viewing. Even after watching the movie, I had trouble figuring out why there were floating colors every ten minutes. However, the movie is still an amazing visual experience. The story is there but it’s not something that can be grasped easily. The film is a great ride, but the plot is not from the best imagination. As a result of this, the film becomes hard to comprehend and enjoy. I would only recommend this movie to those who truly love the idea behind this movie.



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