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If you love healthy eating or have certain food allergies, CoreLife Eatery is the place to go. Located on 82nd Street, CoreLife easily releases your inner Zen and adds to your food experience, thanks to the fresh food and decor. The staff is beyond friendly and incredibly helpful, and will walk you through your first time creating your meal. I was a bit overwhelmed when I walked in, and they were more than willing to help. The menu offers several options to choose from, including a Grain Bowl, a Green Bowl and Broth Bowls, or you can create your own. I decided to create my own, and the staff guided me through the cafeteria-style service. There are various options regarding what you can add to your bowl, such as romaine lettuce, spinach, kale, quinoa, wild rice blend, a multitude of veggies and options for protein, such as chicken or steak. You can also choose from broth options to make it a steamier, soup-like bowl or add dressing to make it more salad-like. I ended up with a spinach-based salad with four different veggies, chicken and some wild rice. I topped it with lime-cilantro jalapeño dressing. The drink options are just as plentiful, and all of them are hand crafted. You can chose from different teas, lemonades and fruit punches. I was impressed with the selection, and it was nice to see options other than the usual soda selection. I sampled several beverages before I decided on my final drink. The cranberry cayenne lemonade was a close second, but I went with the tropical green tea, and it was just the refreshment I needed after a long day. Even though the bowl was somewhat pricey (I paid $12), I was hardly disappointed. The bowl was full of flavor, and it was fully apparent that everything was fresh. Once I finished my bowl, I felt satisfied and not overfed. Considering the quality of the meal, the price was not unreasonable. I will certainly be going back in the near future, and I encourage anyone who is tired of typical fast food, or who is looking for something new to check this place out.



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