Get to know UIndy staff: Sean Huddleston

Photo by Cassie Reverman

Photo by Cassie Reverman

This fall semester will be a first for many at the University of Indianapolis, not just for incoming students, but also the new Vice President and Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer Sean Huddleston. Although UIndy has had many vice presidents, the title of Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer has never been included.

According to Huddleston, his position has essentially two functions: “inter-reach” within the university itself and “outer-reach” within the surrounding communities. Some of Huddleston’s goals at UIndy are to provide forums and spaces for conversations to take place that enhance inclusion and equity across campus among all students, faculty and staff.

Concerning his goals off-campus, Huddleston hopes to focus on college access and making sure that everyone, especially those who belong to historically disadvantaged communities, have access to higher education.

Huddleston said that one of the reasons he chose to work at UIndy was the commitment to change that he noticed throughout the faculty and administration. Another of Huddleston’s reasons for accepting the position at UIndy was its location. Both Huddleston and his wife were born and raised in Detroit and have affection for the Midwest.

Huddleston has been married to his wife for 24 years, and they have three sons, one of whom is attending UIndy as a jazz studies major. Huddleston enjoys spending as much time with his family as possible, both extended and immediate. His philosophy is that “where you live is where you serve,” and he enjoys reaching out into his community, especially focusing on college preparedness.

Huddleston considers himself a “grill master” and connoisseur of barbecue. When he has downtime, Huddleston enjoys watching movies, looking at artwork and listening to music, especially classic hip-hop.

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