Women’s soccer season ends at St. Joe’s College

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The University of Indianapolis women’s soccer team ended it’s season with a loss to St. Joseph’s College on Oct. 26 in an attempt to make the GLVC tournament.

The previous Sunday, the team beat Lewis University, which gave it the opportunity to make the tournament with another win during the week. The team steamed through the first quarter with a goal by sophomore midfield/forward Stephanie Burdsall in the 22nd minute. Senior midfield/forward Elizabeth Behrends scored another goal in the 34th minute, which was her first since the season opener, to solidify the win.

The loss to St. Joe on Wednesday ended the Greyhounds’ chance to make the GLVC tournament and sent them home for the season.

During the first half of the game against the Pumas, neither team scored, despite UIndy’s 17 attempts at the goal. Overall, 10 Hounds had a shot at the goal throughout the game, but the team not get on the board.

After half time, the Pumas came back to score the first goal of the game in the 61st minute, when the ball made its way through senior goalkeeper Emma Crenshaw’s legs. Later, in the 80th minute, the Pumas scored their last goal, sending the Greyhounds to a 2-0 defeat to end their season.

“It was just an ugly game,” said Head Women’s Soccer Coach Holly Cox. “It was a big game for us in that we needed the result, and unfortunately, we didn’t show up to play like we typically play, and it hurt us at the end of the day. I can’t question our effort and work, it was just execution on the day. We just didn’t defend as well as we typically defend, as a group, and we just didn’t attack as well. It was very individual instead of collectively as a team, like we usually, do and that’s when we’re more successful. Obviously the result is super, super disappointing, but we can’t take anything away from St. Joe. They out played us on that day and obviously took the result.”

Senior forward/midfield Elizabeth Behrends said it was a disappointing way to end her final year of collegiate soccer, but she plans to keep involved in the program.

“St. Joe’s definitely came out to play that day more than us, and their heads were really in it,” Behrends said. “I think mentally we were just not there that day. It’s an unfortunate way to go out as a senior… I’m definitely going to be sticking around here until December 2017 [her graduation date], so I’m going to  hopefully be at every single game that’s home…I plan to stay around and watch the games and cheer them on. It’s my heart and soul.”

Cox said the team overall had a good year and made great improvement from last year.

“I feel it went pretty well,” she said about the season. “It was up and down, and a bit of a rollercoaster. But I felt like when we performed, we played some fantastic soccer. And when we didn’t, it was very ugly at times. But overall, we were better than last year, which is always what we want to do. We want to show a progression, and we want to get better. Obviously, [we are] super disappointed we’re not making the tournament, but I’m super proud of the ladies, to put themselves in a position to potentially make the tournament.”

Both Cox and Behrends said that the end of the season is a hard time, when everyone struggles to figure out how to fill their free time. Behrends is currently working on finishing her education and pursuing a career, while Cox is planning for next season.

“I am finishing out my senior year,” Behrends said. “I’m not graduating until December 2017.  So right now, I’m looking for internships or work in the Chicago area, and I’m just going to maintain my, hopefully, As on my grade sheet and just get through the rest of school. I’m excited to be done.”

Cox said that right now the players will take a break before training restarts, but she has a plan for them when they return.

“Straight off the season, we give them a little bit of time off to mentally recover from season, and physically recover. So we are actually in our down time right now, we don’t have any training. We have the ladies focus on their academics. It’s such a grueling conference schedule and so much travel. But then after this week, off we’re going to get the ladies right back into the weight room. We’re going to start developing the technique and strength in order to carry over into spring.”

Cox said the team will soon begin training for spring season.

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