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the-tao-of-bill-murrayFor fans of Bill Murray, “The Tao of Bill Murray” is a delightful book illuminating all aspects of the man who is so beloved by much of the public. For neutral readers, getting past the middle may be a struggle. While charming, the book is immensely repetitive. The two basic topics covered are an overview of Murray’s long and illustrious film career and listed occurrences of Murray’s decidedly endearing behaviors. In the beginning, the listed events are enjoyable and enthusiastic whilst eliciting a slight smile and bit of bewilderment at Murray’s relaxed lifestyle. Around Page 100, though, the book begins to feel more like a bullet-point list of humorous incidents than an actual narrative. Whether a reader opens to Chapter 2 or Chapter 22, telling the difference is nearly impossible because there is no real direction or change of tone. Additionally, the audiobook is narrated by the author, whose voice is not well-suited to audiobook reading and oftentimes takes on an almost worshipful tone while describing Murray. Although the book is by no means unenjoyable, it is more a list of reasons to love Bill Murray than an examination of the man and his rather unique lifestyle. Readers looking for charming stories of Bill Murray will be pleased. Anyone interested in what exactly the legend of Bill Murray is based upon should not hesitate to look into this book, but it holds no reward for neutral readers.

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