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Greyhound Village, the new on-campus apartments, opened Aug. 15. The four-story residence includes private rooms and bathrooms, a fitness center, study rooms, lounging areas, sand volleyball courts and more.

The dedication ceremony for the complex was held Aug. 11. Speakers included CEO Gene Zink of Strategic Capital Partners, University of Indianapolis Board of  Trustees Chair Yvonne Shaheen and graduate student Erin Jackson, who is a resident of
Greyhound Village. Representatives from architect Schmidt Associates also were available to discuss new trends in student housing.

Students moved into the recently completed campus apartments, Greyhound Village, on August 15. Photo by Cassie Reverman

Students moved into the recently completed campus apartments, Greyhound Village, on August 15. Photo by Cassie Reverman

Greyhound Village Marketing Manager Zach Brown said that living at the apartments is beneficial to students.

“It’s a great option for students because it combines all the convenience of being on campus with a true apartment lifestyle,” Brown said. “Students get a taste of off-campus independence
without sacrificing the advantage of being close to all on-campus resources. You truly get the best of both worlds with these apartments.”

Freshman nursing major Ben Rohder said the Village was his first choice when it came to housing.

“It just gives you a more at-home feeling,” Rohder said. “I feel like it’s better than staying in the dorm.”

Besides Greyhound Village, there are seven other residence halls, all with different pricing. These include East, Central, Crowe, Cory Bretz, Warren, Cravens and Roberts.

“Greyhound Village’s pricing is similar to the residence halls in the sense that students are billed on a semester basis,” Brown said. “The cost per student, per semester in a Greyhound Village double is $4,194, whereas a double in Roberts or Central is $2,777 per student, per semester.”

Freshman sports management major James Jenkins said that even with the higher prices, the extra personal space is an advantage.

“I’m here for the next four years, so I would just prefer living in a better place,” he said. “The apartments are bigger, and I have more space. I’m sure everyone would agree that there is more space and privacy.”

Jenkins said he is excited about  Greyhound Village’s proximity to the athletic facilities.

“For me and Ben [Rohder], we’re both on the soccer team, so soccer, for us, played a big part for us living here, too,” Jenkins said. “Now that we can finish practice and put our feet up in the Village and have time to relax, that’s what I’m most looking forward to. It’ll be nice to come home to a big room and bathroom.”

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