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Football was back in action at the University of Indianapolis in the team’s annual Spring Game on April 16 at Key Stadium. The defense earned a 35-31 victory in an offense vs. defense setup. Because it was not a regular game, the scoring system was altered so that both teams were able to score in various situations. The offense sported white jerseys while the defense wore black.  The format was two 30-minute halves with a running clock and a 10-minute halftime.

According to Head Football Coach Bob Bartolomeo, the defense played hard and had positive moments throughout the game.

“In general, I thought the defense did pretty well,” Bartolomeo said.  “It’s an offensive scoring system here, but I thought the defense made some turnovers.  We haven’t got a lot of turnovers in the spring, and today we came up with some interceptions, and that can really turn the tide of a football game.  It was a plus to see all the turnovers that we created.”

Redshirt freshman tight end Kyle Jennings had 26 receiving yards for the offense in UIndy’s Spring Ball matchup. Photo by Jennifer Ulrey

Redshirt freshman tight end Kyle Jennings had 26 receiving yards for the offense in UIndy’s Spring Ball matchup. Photo by Jennifer Ulrey

Bartolomeo said that more time is needed to figure what all needs to be worked on.

“Until we get the film,  I will not know what needs to be worked on. But I know that from previous practices [that] we have to be more consistent in everything we do—and that’s offensively,defensively and the kicking game,” Bartolomeo said.  “Consistency is something that is lacking a little bit now, but I think we have great leadership, and the kids are working hard.  They’ve done everything we’ve asked them to up to this point.”

Junior defensive lineman Dillon Dallas said that even though the defense won, there are still areas that need work.

“We have a lot to improve on,  just as a team,” Dallas said.  “Everybody has little stuff that they need to improve on.  For me and the D-line [defensive line], we need to work on our technique. And after that, we’ll be fine, because we have all of our stunts and other stuff down.  We just have to work on technique now.”

According to Dallas, there is plenty of time for the players to improve for the upcoming season.

“I like where we’re at. We just have to keep moving,” Dallas said.  “We have a lot of guys battling for spots, and we just need to keep improving and have a good summer and a good fall camp, and we’ll cut it loose for the season.”

Bartolomeo said that the team played well and worked hard, and there were players who played their hardest.

“We’ve got a few kids that stepped up, and I don’t want to get into any of the names yet until I get to look at the film and judge,”  Bartolomeo said.  “Overall we had some guys that stepped up and played hard and guys that are doing a good job.  Come the fall they’re going to work hard and compete.”

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