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Mesh on Mass Avenue combines an elegant environment with unique cuisine. The mood of this restaurant allows for a romantic night with that special someone or a friends night out. I was seated in a room with six booths and about four tables, yet I was able to feel as if my mom and I were at a private dinner.  As a starter, we ordered Apple Cider Caramel Monkey Bread, which was cinnamon and a subtle apple cider flavor all twisted up into one sticky loaf of bread with a side of caramel to dip into. I also ordered a small Mesh Salad, which had a kale base with arugula, mesclun, walnuts, quinoa, golden beets and goat cheese mixed into it. For my final course, I enjoyed the Benedict, which was a very hearty entrée. As far as pricing goes, brunch is not too steep, but other courses may be a bit more than a college student would like to pay. This restaurant may be more appropriate for special nights, or nights when your parents come to town.


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