A millennial’s roadmap to success

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When older generations talk about millennials, they seem to say that we are lazy, self-centered, dependent on our phones and will not amount to anything. To get past those stereotypes, we all have to show them that we can amount to be a successful generation.   According to millenialmarketing.com, we make up about 25 percent of the U.S. population and it is up to us to improve this country.

To be able to succeed there are many things that we need to do and also change.  One of the main things that we need to do is to pay attention to what is going on around us and be attentive to the news.

One of the best ways to put yourself out there is by being able to know what is going on in the world. It is important to become and stay educated. Traveling is another good way of being able to gain knowledge.

Graphic by Melvin Mendez

Graphic by Melvin Mendez

Again from millenialmarketing.com, about 79 percent of millennials want to visit all 50 states and around 75 percent want to travel abroad.  Being an active reader is a way to be informed about many events or people.

When it comes to having success in education, millennials are already on their way as a group. As of now, millennials are on track to become one of the most well-educated generations. One of the main reasons is that we have the highest percentage of people attending college at around 61 percent, according to whitehouse.gov.

Many people struggle to choose a major because they focus on how much their future job would pay, and not if they actually like what they are studying.

Associate Professor of Finance and Director of External Relations for the School of Business Matt Will says that students should be mindful of studying things that can land them a job after graduation.

“It doesn’t matter what you study it’s important that students try to take their skill or major and find where it fits in the economy,” he said. “Don’t learn your skill in a vacuum.”

Another thing that is needed is not to be afraid of risk taking.  When an opportunity is available, don’t be afraid of taking risks. You won’t be able to accomplish much if you back away from opportunities that you are offered.

“The most valuable and important people are innovators who are people that are willing to take a risk to create something that society will use,” Will said.  “If you have a passion for something try to turn it into a business.”

There are many sources that are able to help you with starting your own business one of which is the Secretary of State’s website.  There you can find links for people that are starting new businesses.

When it comes to financial planning, one thing you should always remember is not to be afraid to ask for help.  According to Will, trying to manage your wealth on your own, without having any skills in finance or business, will more than likely cause errors.  Asking for help is the hardest step and will also help prevent mistakes when it comes to your wealth.

“It doesn’t matter where you go in life as long you’re able to manage your budget and able to find someone to help you manage your savings and don’t be afraid to go out there and entrepreneur as long as you manage your money,” he said.

Being able to beat the lazy millennial stereotype is not hard as long as you are willing to be able to put in the work needed to change lazy into successful.

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