Award given for Counseling Center’s healthy workplace

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The University of Indianapolis is now the home of the statewide winner of the Psychologically Healthy
Workplace Award. The Counseling Center for Growth and Development won this award from the Indiana Psychological Association.

Counseling Center Director Kelly Miller said the award is recognition of the things that the Center is doing
well to make it an environment where there is employee well-being and attention to self care.

“All of our clinicians here [at the Counseling Center], our daily lives are spent focusing on other people’s mental health needs, their self care, trying to teach them how to take care of themselves and personal growth,” Miller said. “But we have to remember those things, too—for ourselves. As a counselor, you can quickly burn out while only focusing on others. We love doing that and that is a passion of ours, but we need to take care of ourselves, too.”

Members of the UIndy Counseling Center pose for a photograph at the IPA award ceremony. Contributed by Kelly Miller

Members of the UIndy Counseling Center pose for a photograph at the IPA award ceremony. Contributed by Kelly Miller

Miller said the Counseling Center plans to keep improving by doing what it is doing now plus involving more students.

“Students sometimes are nervous about seeing us, or they just aren’t aware of us,” Miller said. “Our biggest avenue about getting through to people is outreach. We want to be present and be seen around different activities around campus. We just had Dog Days for finals. It’s a very non-threatening way, so people can see who we are. The biggest way we reach students in our capacity is through outreach.”

Staff Psychologist and Director of Training Tammie Dones said that the outreach programs are a great way for her to recognize patients.

“We are a friendly face,” Dones said. “We aren’t scary, and we are here to help. Sometimes, I’ll see a student from the outreach program, and I’ll invite them to make an appointment.”

Even though the Counseling Center has been very busy this semester, staff members  are trying their best, according to Dones.

“We are trying to help and juggle the needs of many students at once,” Dones said. “We have a fabric of good intentions and quality professionalism. [We are] doing the best we can for our students.”

Since the Counseling Center won the state award, it is now a candidate for the national workplace award from the IPA.

Counseling Center staff members can meet with students for a variety of reasons such as anxiety, depression, self-harm, relationship issues, academics, transitions and even homesickness.

If a student needs an appointment, he or she can schedule one online, in the office or over the telephone. In case of an emergency, the Counseling Center has crisis hours for students in need. Crisis hours are just for people to walk in, and someone will be available to provide assistance right away.

The UIndy Counseling Center is located in Schwitzer 210, where the student health center used to be located. The health center is now located in the Health Pavilion, Suite 107.

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