Wine moms

Ever since you were a child your mom has been the one to pick you up, get you through things, and be your rock. When you were a child, you were dependent on your mom and needed her for everything. As a teenager, you started to rebel and being a thirteen year old, you felt as though mom didn’t know anything. But, as you got older, you realized mom was always right and did anything to protect you, soon enough she became your best friend, and then your friend on Facebook. Most of us have probably seen our mom as just a mom and once you hit that accept button, all the walls came down. She isn’t really mom anymore from a social media stand point and you see her in a whole new light. Even though you and your mom have a close bond, there are something’s that you just don’t need to know about her, like the sense of humor she has never showed in front of you. Such as, the ‘funny’ pictures about how she feels about her kids, husband, or daily glass of wine. Accepting your moms Facebook invitation can be a good or bad thing for some people, but for me, I would gladly hit accept.

My mom and I are very close, and I feel as though having her on social media makes us closer. Being friends with my mom on Facebook, it allows us to see and laugh over the funny or sad things we see. We get to tag each other is stories that involve the subject of a mother and daughter that we may not get the chance to say every day and it just lets each other know that we are thinking of the other person. My mom isn’t necessarily a wine mom but that is still no exception. A wine mom, is a mom that has daily posts about how their everyday life and they post it in way that is serious to them, but funny to other people. They are always talking about things you want to post about, but you don’t have the courage like these moms. They are already set in their ways and since they’re not getting any younger, they try to find any way to have fun. Sometimes they are still considered “wine moms” but don’t post anything about wine. Such as my youth pastor, she is such a fun, loving pastor and mom. You can tell because she is always posting about the youth group, her kids, and funny church pictures. She still knows how to have fun in her own way and she definitely knows how to make other people laugh.

Wine moms are just moms that want to find a way to let loose after a long hard day at work, or sometimes during and have fun. They are not hurting anyone and to other people, they might find it just as amusing. They are new to this whole social media world, so when a mom attempts it, it’s funny to see what they post, the things they rant about, and the troubles that are important at their age. We should all embrace a wine mom and accept their friend request, even if it’s your own mother. We could all learn a thing or two about wine moms. Even though their older, moms, and working, they still know how to have fun and live life without worrying about anyone judging them. Who knows, when you get older, you could become a wine mom. But, for now, you can sit back and enjoy the things that they post and let yourself have a good laugh.

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