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>> BL&T is a new restaurant in the Indianapolis wholesale district that offers something a little bit different than other downtown restaurants. The restaurant’s name says a lot about it, with the B, L and T standing for Bacon, Legs and Turntables. The establishment specializes in comfort food, especially the namesake bacon and various legs – including chicken, duck, turkey and frog, just to name a few. The music is the usual club style music. A live DJ was at the turntables for the latter half of my visit, but the music was at a comfortable volume, definitely noticeable, but not too loud to not be able to hold a conversation. My meal began with an appetizer of fried pickles, followed by  a turkey leg over a side of bacon mashed potatoes with a serving of cranberry jam. The price was reasonable, with the turkey leg meal coming in at $10.95, about what one would expect from dining downtown. I definitely plan to pay BL&T another visit.


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