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On Sept. 2, Maroon 5 released their new album. This album is the first that band member Jesse Carmichael has played on since his leave from the band in 2012.  “V,” Deluxe Edition, is a mix of the group’s traditional indie rock music with a plethora of experimental songs that range from “Sex and Candy,” a Marvin Gaye-esque love ballad, to “My Heart is Open” with Gwen Stefani, an emotional bluesy song, to the already hit song “Maps” that seems along the lines of the groups prior work. Some of the pieces, such as “Leaving California” and “New Love,” do not quite live up to expectations. The pieces are too experimental and have a sound that borders on hip-hop, which is where the band does not have a particular talent. It does much better when it sticks  to the pop rock formula that it has been using quite successfully for years.  Overall though, the album is a good mix of sounds that combine the older and newer sounds with relatively few low points. This album is definitely worth the price.


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