Students benefit from campus employment

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College students play many roles, not only as students seeking higher education but as adults seeking financial security. As a means to financial stability, some students choose to work on campus. From the bookstore, to the event centers, to places for dining, each student employee has a story to share.

Whether at the beginning of the semester or in the midst of it, students use the UIndy bookstore. Behind the counter is junior nursing major Anita Burns, who works as a cashier. Burns credited the flexibility of her hours as the reason she is able to effectively maintain her studies and job. Burns has been with the UIndy bookstore for a year now and said she is truly enjoying it and would recommend it for anyone looking for a job.

UIndy sophomore student worker checks out a student customer at the University Bookstore. Photo by David Daniels

UIndy sophomore student worker checks out a student customer at the University Bookstore. Photo by David Daniels

Sophomore psychology major Joana Miranda actually credits working her on-campus job at The Perk and Streets Corner with helping her with time management. Miranda must assure that  her homework is done around her work schedule. Knowing that she has to work, Miranda said she cannot afford to procrastinate.

The Perk and Streets are places of frequent service with a plethora of workers such as Kylie Little. Little, a junior pre-art therapy and studio art major, who has been employed since her freshman year, said a major benefit is making new friends.

In regards to the minimum wage pay being a possible issue, Little said the closeness and the flexibility outweighs it.

Sophomore marketing major and Event Services student crew member,  Matthew Niceley said he would rather have an on-campus job and save his money. One benefit Niceley said he has from working his on campus job is that when he is not putting up or tearing down for an event, he has time to do his homework.

Graduate student in health sciences major, and an international student, Kartik Doshi has a different perspective about working on campus. He has set places to work, stipulated by his student visa, and Event Services is one of those. Originally from Mumbai, India, Doshi said the on-campus jobs allows him the opportunity to work and pay his rent. Doshi, too, recommends working on campus.

Senior business major and line worker for UIndy Dining Services, Emily Cherry anticipates graduating in May and must make sure she meets all deadlines and requirements.

Cherry juggles that responsibility and her work responsibility with the flexibility that UDS offers. Cherry noted that the only issue that may arise is that, as a senior, she is looking for an internship. In her third year of student employment, Cherry believes it is a great fit.

“Everyone is very open-minded, so we have a lot of different kinds of people that work with us,” Cherry said. “It’s a really good place to be if you want to be accepted.”


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