Students elect new ISG board

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Many registered student organizations are finalizing their leadership for the upcoming 2014-2015 school year.  However, unlike the UIndy Francophone Club, UIndy Gamers Club and other RSOs, where only members vote for new leaders, the Indianapolis Student Government’s elections are open to all students because ISG represents the student voice at the University of Indianapolis.

To ensure that students were aware of their voting privileges, ISG kept to its  yearlong theme of making everything it does bigger and better by creating awareness about its annual elections.


Students wait in line to vote on Greyhound Link during the ISG election kickoff event on Monday, March 24. (Photo by Leeann Doerflein)


“This year, one of the things we have been working on is branding, putting our names out there, making people realize how big of a deal student government is,” said senior communication major and current ISG President DyNishia Miller. “We needed to voice that with elections, with bringing on a new executive board. We needed people to realize how important the people you elect are to the school and to student government.”

Pre-election residence hall visits with free pizza, info sessions in the Schwitzer Student Center and an election kickoff event on March 24 that featured giveaways such as T-shirts and cupcakes were all part of a plan to make students more aware of the ISG election process.

UIndy’s mascot Ace appeared at the kickoff event to get the campus excited about ISG election week, and candidates were asked to speak and explain why they deserved the students’ votes.

“They [ISG] took the time to make the candidates more visible and highlight their platforms,” said Director of Student Activities Stephanie Barry. “I think they definitely put more effort into elections so students will take student government more seriously. And I think that is what this year’s group really wants is to be taken seriously and get people to care and contribute to improving campus.”

The election ran March 24-28, and ISG had election tables in Schwitzer the entire week to guide students to the Greyhound Link webpage, so they could cast their votes.

“I think it was a success,” Miller said. “Of course, we would love for it to be bigger and better, but as with a lot of our goals this year we are setting a foundation. There was no precedence set before this. So if there is no comparison, there is nowhere to go but up.”

Election results for the 2014-2015 ISG Executive Board were announced on March 31: President Tyler Offutt, Vice President Mizraim Lorenzo-Aguilar, Secretary Henrieta Emmah Muradzikwa and Treasurer Larry “Willie” Bryan.

Offutt will step up from the ISG Public Relations position, and he is the only board member from the 2013-2014 school year to carry over and continue working on the goals that have been set this year. Miller said she feels good about Offutt taking the helm.

“My role has been to lay a foundation,” Miller said. “I feel very comfortable passing off the torch, especially passing it off to Tyler. I know that he can handle this position, and I know he will be successful with it as well.”

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