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Millennials get a lot of flack. We are called lazy and self-absorbed. Older generations have defined us by our social media and “dependence” on technology. Researchers have made it their life’s goal to confirm these facts, but the fact is that millennials have life figured out.

In a short article on a website called millennialmarketing.com, the author suggests that we change the common name of Generation Y to Generation C, for creativity. The name Generation Y gives the connotation that this younger group has no direction in life. We don’t have anything to define us. This website in particular defines its mission as a marketing company that focuses on the younger generation as consumers and how to market to them. It is taking a positive approach to the way millennials think.

The article “‘Gen Y’ Defined by Creativity Not Technology” outlines the different ways that companies can reach millennials. These ideas all stem from allowing their young consumers to create something new. You can see this through Mountain Dew’s DEWocracy campaign. This company knows how to draw in revenue using the technology that is at their consumers’ disposal and all of the characteristics that have been deemed negative.

These types of campaigns create a social environment for those interested in Mountain Dew to communicate. Millennials are visual people. They want something that is visually appealing and practical. These apps and websites suggest that companies meet those requirements. These technologies make us feel like we are a part of something and have a unique presence that can be utilized.

Millennials may seem self-absorbed or narcissistic, but that’s because we know what we want. These qualities get confused. I see time after time 20-somethings creating iPhone apps or products that have blown up and that have made them millions of dollars. These people, who are only a couple of years older than I, were not happy with what was out there for them and took it as an opportunity. This does not make them stubborn or difficult; it makes them leaders.

This motivates anyone who has an idea. Technology is a vital part of the world we live in, and it’s a good thing. Technology allows me to create and have a free flow of ideas. As a theatre student, I am constantly looking at ways to transform ideas to make them unique. Through my theatrical design program, Vectorworks, I can create something that is easily changeable. I don’t think I could be a theatre major without these types of advancements. Technology is making this old-time entertainment new and interesting, so that it can continue for generation after generation.

Millennials don’t just focus on things that make life easier, but on things that make life more interesting. Look at websites such as Pinterest or shows like “Treehouse Masters” on Animal Planet. Pinterest allows you to take others’ ideas and make something interesting. This digital medium gives a person ideas and the platform to create something new. Ordinary objects can become a pencil holder or an extraordinary gift for a friend.

The show “Treehouse Masters” is all about a group that creates livable treehouses for people. These are wonderful creations that do not disturb the natural landscape but give another space to enjoy life. Both of these mediums motivate and encourage creativity. They are using technology to promote themselves and inspire. Right now at my desk, I am surrounded by Pinterest crafts that my friends have given me. Millennial creativity is driving us forward.

My advice to those who identify with Generation X and older is to embrace millennials. We have the future in our capable hands. Technology is not making us lazy, but better at utilizing what is in front of us. So no matter what study comes out about the attention span of 20-year-olds or how Facebook has ruined us, I stand firm that millennials are going to be just fine.


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