UIndy to launch student activities website

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A new website that could help improve student involvement on campus is coming soon to the University of Indianapolis. The site will be known as “Greyhound Link” and is being developed by the Department of Student Affairs.

One of the leaders of the project, Director of Student Activities Stephanie Barry, said that the website will be designed to help ensure an easy process for students to find things to do at UIndy.

“Greyhound Link is a really good website for students to learn more about involvement opportunities on campus, as well as for involvement opportunities such as intramurals or student organizations,” Barry said. “[It is good] for them to kind of have all their information all in one place.”

Barry said that the website also will serve as a resource for those who want to be more involved on campus and for registered student organizations to disseminate their information.

“You see a lot of the times groups do not pass [along] information year after year, and a lot of the times I see a lot groups start from scratch every single year,  which is frustrating to them, and then for me to see them struggle,” she said. “So it is a good way for them to have all their information, year after year, available to them, as well as kind of to streamline some of the processes in the office such as registering every year. They will be doing that online, instead of me sifting through papers and then having to file that.”

John Tonon Pires, a student assistant for the Student Affairs Department, also has been involved with helping build and promote the website.

Tonon Pires said that so far the website has tested well with different RSOs and leaders on campus, which is a positive sign moving forward.

“Everybody has reacted well and they all liked it. They think it is a better way for us to connect to them, and for them to connect to campus as a whole and offer these opportunities for them,” he said. “So I really hope that the campus is going to be open-minded to a new idea and break the mindset that we have and be open to this new platform.”

Barry said that it has been good to rely not just on her own perspective for the website. Barry also said that he has been able to promote the website to students on campus because of  Tonon Pires’ ability to connect with them.

Both Barry and Tonon Pires said that the website has not had any technical issues so far and that it should work just fine when students begin to use it. Barry did say that if issues ever came up, there are options to help solve them.

“We work closely with IS [Information Systems] over in Good [Hall], and then we have good connections with campus labs. So if there is any issue, you can contact them directly,” Barry said.

Barry said that students can expect to see that happen this upcoming fall in the first semester of the 2014-2015 academic year. She also said that this will be an opportunity to be more green.

“I think it’s exciting for UIndy,” Barry said. “I think it is a step kind of going in that next generation—being a little bit more green, being a little bit more efficient.”

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