Restoring Force

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>>   The metal core band known as Of Mice & Men released its highly anticipated album entitled “Restoring Force” on Jan. 24. Within the first 30 seconds of the first track, I was SOLD. The album gives off a hard core electric rock sensation. Every track comes out as a fresh, crisp sound. I give this album five out of five stars, for this reason. I did have trouble understanding some of the words on a few of the songs. On the flip side, I understand that this genre is supposed to have this specific kind of sound. I specially recommend this album for fans of Slipknot because the two groups are so similar in sound quality. After 38 minutes and 28 seconds of listening to “Restoring Force,” I definitely recommend buying the album. The album is a mixture of fast paced singles such as on the third track “Bones Exposed,” and even a mellower single such as on the eleventh track “Space Enough to Grown.” The price of the album is $9.99 on iTunes.

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