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Photo by Jayden Kennett

Photo by Jayden Kennett

Juliana Rohrmoser, Art Director

When I first thought of studying in the United States, I had an idea of what to expect: the dorm rooms, going to classes, studying, making some friends and graduating.  Little did I know that my initial idea would developed into something much bigger.

During my time at UIndy I have met many people, created experiences and grown as a person. From working for The Reflector to partaking in different internships, I have connected with so many people who have provided me with opportunities to grow. More than that, UIndy has given me the opportunity to become a leader and help others make the best of their experience.

To think that I came here knowing no one was as scary as it sounds, but today, almost four years after first setting foot on campus, I will leave knowing that I made the best of this opportunity. I created a network of friends that I consider my family,  made the best of professional opportunities and took advantage of all the fun things Indianapolis, and specifically UIndy, has to offer.

To anyone coming to UIndy, or who wants to make their experience the best: join clubs, take fun classes, apply for the job you want,  go out with your friends! You never know when you’re going to create a memory that will live with you for years to come.

Andy Carr, Entertainment Editor

My time with The Reflector, and particularly my time as an editor, has been quite brief, especially in comparison to most of the other editors I’ve worked with. I joined the paper just last fall and joined the editorial staff as an assistant in the spring. This fall semester is my first and, unfortunately, only semester as an editor.

I guess I just wasn’t expecting to be lamenting the end of my time on staff as much as I am, if I’m being honest. I was on the newspaper in high school, and enjoyed my teacher and classmates, but journalism was decidedly not for me. I essentially joined The Reflector for two reasons: 1.) I wanted to have an outlet to write movie reviews besides my personal Facebook page.  2.) My girlfriend was on staff and kept asking me to do it.

But what I found on The Reflector was a group of people that created a very special environment to work in.  Maybe it was the fact that I was kind of an outsider—I’m not a journalism major; in fact,  I’m not even a communication major, which is something most of the editorial staff are—that allowed me to be inspired by the passion these people have for their work. Or maybe I was just surprised by how absolutely fun they were.

It was almost like they actually enjoyed not only their work, but also each other’s company. I actually began to look forward to the long production days, on which we’d stay up into the wee hours of the morning putting the paper together, just because it meant I got to hang out with my friends and goof off while we worked.

For someone who was “over” journalistic work, I have been continually surprised by how much I enjoy being on The Reflector. I consider these people my friends now, and it’s disappointing that I already have to give it up due to something as insignificant as a class scheduling conflict.  I guess I can only blame myself for not
joining sooner.

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