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Britney Jean

Posted on 12.11.2013


>> As ironic as it sounds coming from someone who primarily enjoys listening to rap and hip-hop, I actually enjoy some of Britney Spears’ music. In her latest album, “Britney Jean,” however, I don’t know if I am quite ready to say the same. Throughout the album, no unique tracks jump out as classics, and it feels as if quite a few tracks are just her voice added with a mix of techno and house music. This obviously is great music for dancing, but not for a normal listening basis. “It Should Be Easy,” one of the tracks off the pop star’s album featuring, was nowhere near the same level of its predecessor track by the duo, “Scream & Shout.” The only track that I did enjoy personally was the shortest one, which is called “Tik Tik Boom”  featuring Atlanta rapper T.I. The song had a nice beat, and it was nice to hear T.I. in another collaboration with a big music star such as Spears. Overall, this album wasn’t horrible, but nothing special, and was average at best.


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