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Biscuits Cafe

Posted on 12.11.2013


>> Biscuits Cafe is an unexpected delight. This Mexican breakfast cafe surprised me in every aspect, and I left happily surprised and very full. From the menu to the service,  Biscuits Cafe delivers wonderfully all around. My waitress was patient and helpful as I tried to order, but it was one of the cafe’s regular patrons who decided that as a newbie to Biscuits, I should order the spicy biscuits and gravy. Regretfully, that customer left well before I could thank him for his advice. I found that my spicy biscuits and gravy was absolutely  spectacular, and this is coming from a picky eater, too. The gravy was delicious, with a thick and spicy mixture, and the biscuits were flaky and soft like Pillsbury Grands’ homestyle biscuits. My large plate of biscuits and gravy barely broke $10 after tax, making Biscuits affordable as well as delicious. I would recommend Biscuits Cafe to anyone who wants to enjoy a twist on the everyday breakfast/brunch meal that can be afforded on a college budget.


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