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1963: The Year of the Revolution Book

Posted on 12.11.2013


>> This book was not at all what I expected. Frankly, it was much worse. The title describes exactly what the book does,  but the description suggests that the book’s objective will put the youth culture in the context of the political climate at that time. But “1963” does not do that at all. It is just a bunch of quotes from interviews of musicians, artists and fashion designers  divided into chapters, with a brief section about the historical context. This book may be interesting to a fan of ‘60s music, art or fashion, or someone who has lived through the ‘60s and wants a walk down memory lane. However, I wanted to learn about how the youth culture of the time influenced politics and read about that history, so I was greatly disappointed. In the brief moment when the book talked about John F. Kennedy’s assassination, the book offered one quote and quickly moved on to the Beatles playing “The Ed Sullivan Show.” This book has little depth and seems thrown together. If you want to learn about the culture, look elsewhere.


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