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UIndy problems

Posted on 11.20.2013

A majority of the University of Indianapolis students are here by choice (perhaps, with the exception of the transfers from the Athens campus). And we are subject to the challenges that come with that title. But as our critical thinking is enhanced at the urging of our professors, it’s difficult not to notice areas where there could be improvement. These weaker areas may not be so evident that they warrant a transfer, but the nuisances are worth communicating in order to  improve our progressing institution.

The administration has done a great job recently of paying attention to the thoughts of common students. So, The Reflector staffers decided we should listen and then voice the opinions of the students as well.

These constructive criticisms came from students who approached our table in the Schwitzer Student Center:

“Coffee in the library would be nice, [to] make it [the library] more conducive to long study sessions.”

“PFS should have breakfast all day [at] Streets.”

“More recycling bins on campus would be awesome!”

“We need filter water fountains for water bottles.”

“More recycling bins on campus would be awesome!”

“If a lot of people are trying to use the Internet, no one can use it.”

“Wifi in Central Hall is very unreliable/slow, especially during times of heavy use.”

“I have been experiencing several issues with the Internet around campus.”


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