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Posted on 11.20.2013


>> If her first album, “The Fame,” made me want to get up and dance, then “ARTPOP” had me wanting to make some babies and go shopping. The album is incredibly sexual, with not-so-subtle references to what amorous Gaga does when she thinks of her dream man, and uses Greek mythology as her metaphors that strangely made me feel empowered in my own womanhood. ARTPOP’s inspiration clearly draws from the world of high fashion, pop culture and Gaga’s role in it, although I’m not really feeling Mother Monster did such a good job bridging that gap. As I said earlier, there are the overly sexual songs such as “Venus” and “Sexx Dreams,” which can make anyone feel empowered yet trashy listening to them, and tongue-in-cheek “Donatella,” which mocks the world of high fashion. The album overall is excellent, and she does marry art and pop, but the organization seems scattered, and not at all what I’d expect from Gaga. I’m not feeling the urge to go out and buy this one.


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