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Posted on 11.06.2013


>> With the tenth anniversary edition release of “Transatlanticism,” the listener is introduced a second time to Death Cab for Cutie in a unique way.  Much like the original CD, the songs captivate by channeling the confusion of youth, the feelings stemming from life’s complications and the pain of heartbreak. While in most songs the new sound adds to the old lyrics, in some of them such as “The New Year” and “We Looked Like Giants,” the unfamiliar drumming noise is overwhelming and distracting. In “Passenger Seat,” there are few differences between the demo and the original, which is disappointing. The alternative version of  “Lightness” could be considered better than the original, by drawing listeners in with a distinct sound that intensifies the emotion. Because of the amount of flawless tracks this album possesses, someone is bound to find a favorite. Longtime fans will instantly feel nostalgic, while new listeners will be hooked immediately to Death Cab’s sound.


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