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Online Exclusive: Katy Perry’s Prism

Posted on 11.06.2013

I’ll admit that I hated Perry’s last album, “Teenage Dream.” The whole Candyland-on-acid theme and Perry’s in-your-face, goofy lyrics almost killed my appreciation of all things bubblegum pop. Then I decided to listen to “Prism,” her new album. This much-needed departure showed me a natural, mature side of Katy a regular girl could relate to. Starting with the first track, “Roar,” the album took me to the hazy wonderland of “Legendary Lovers” and upbeat pop songs that had me dancing in my room. Toward the middle of the album, the tone morphed from upbeat to more somber and brutally honest in  “Love Me” and “By The Grace of God,” the latter about her divorce from Russell Brand.  People who are tired of in-your-face singers, over-the-top gimmicks and vapid lyrics will adore “Prism.” I certainly did.


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