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Holliday Park

Posted on 11.06.2013



>> Tucked away in an alcove of wilderness inside America’s 13th largest city is a hidden gem called Holliday Park. One of the first things that visitors see is the famous ruins for which the park is known. The park features a nature center, trails, a sizable playground and close access to the White River. As a person who grew up in Southeastern Indiana, surrounded by hills and trees, I especially loved this park’s trails. When exploring deep into the woods down the arboreal walkways, you can forget that you are in a major city. Mentally, this provides a great escape from the hustle and bustle of classes, projects and work. For those who like photographing nature and getting relatively effortless exercise, this is the perfect place to do both. The best part is that the park is only about 26 minutes from campus and completely free. So the next time you need to beat those campus blues, head to Holliday Park for an energizing hike or a relaxing walk by the river.


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