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Runner Runner

Posted on 10.09.2013


>> Richie Furst goes from a gambling college student to a sly business tycoon’s right-hand man in “Runner Runner.” Set in Costa Rica, this action film follows Furst, portrayed by Justin Timberlake, who gets cheated out of a hefty sum of money in a poker game he cracks on the website “Midnight Black.” He decides to head to Costa Rica to track down the site’s owner, Ivan Block, portrayed by Ben Affleck. After being reimbursed by Block, Furst is invited to join him in the gambling business and unwittingly accepts. Eventually, the truth about Block comes out,  and Furst realizes he has just turned his life upside down. For older movie fans,  Bob Gunton, who played the warden in “Shawshank Redemption,”  makes an appearance  playing a similar role in this movie. “Runner Runner” has a mediocre plot, does not have many surprises and lacks in character development. However, there is enough action to keep the viewer interested, which may be its only redeeming factor.


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