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Lorde – Pure Heroine

Posted on 10.09.2013


>> At the mere age of 16, emerging New Zealand singer Lorde has birthed an unparalleled debut album that is one in a million. The smoky, embodied voice, lyrical embrace of normalcy and refreshing rejection of pop culture that characterizes her hit single “Royals” is developed and explored in “Pure Heroine.” This album is deliberately conceived and poetically crafted by a young woman who seems simultaneously innocent and mature, defiant but cautious, empowered yet intimidated. She is real—an artist, rather than an overdone, artificial celebrity. Her songs illustrate an admirable, existentialist deconstruction of life, conveyed through her mellow, liquid words that are embellished but not overpowered by threads of unique electro-pop beats. “Pure Heroine” is best appreciated as a whole, rather than a collection of  à la carte songs. Each song asks questions ultimately answered in other tracks, and together, the songs tell a story. But it is not just Lorde’s story—it can be yours, too.


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