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Posted on 09.25.2013


Although its scenes of intense violence may turn away more squeamish individuals, “Prisoners” is a roller  coaster ride of horror, terror and vengeance. When Keller Dover’s daughter and her friend go missing,  he begins working with Detective Loki. The two chase a lead provided by Dover’s son, which directs them to Alex Jones. Jones, a drifter of sorts, seems to be the likely suspect. Dover, fearing for the life of his child, then takes the law into his own hands. Despite seeming like a paint-by-the-numbers plot, the pace and writing keep the movie from turning into a “Death Wish” clone. One might even say that Jones is the victim in this film. I also enjoyed being reminded of the versatility of our heroes and villains. Paul Dano, the silent big brother from 2007’s “Little Miss Sunshine,” is exceptionally creepy as Alex Jones. Hugh Jackman is also delightful as a scared father. Overall, this film is brilliant. It is a testament to the fact that talent and passion for storytelling still exists in Hollywood.


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