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Boogie Burger

Posted on 09.25.2013

Boogie Burger

Looking for a great place to get a burger? Then I have the perfect place for you. It’s a small,  new restaurant in   Broad Ripple. When you pull into the parking lot, you do not know what to expect. The building is small but the restaurant uses the space marvelously. Walking into the restaurant, you see pictures of famous actors, musicians and other pieces of artwork. The interior of the restaurant is very relaxing, with old “boogie” music playing throughout the entire venue. Ordering a meal is simple—just walk up to the register, say what you would like, pay for it and enjoy. The friendly workers are there to help out if you have any questions about the food while you order. The menu extends from burgers to chicken sandwiches to vegetarian meals as well. The milkshakes also are delicious. So if you are having a tough time figuring out where to go on a date or are just in  need of some quick food, I recommend Boogie Burger as a sure thing. You will not be disappointed.


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