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James Patterson’s “The Mistress”

Posted on 08.21.2013

I have never read anything by James Patterson,  but “The Mistress” did not disappoint me. When I first opened the book and began to read, I thought it was going be more about sex than murder. I was thoroughly mistaken though. I soon realized the narrator of the story, Benjamin, was taking me into his mind and world during as he tries to discover what has happened to his friend. The plot thickens as Benjamin investigates the death further. I had a hard time focusing on the plot line at times because my mind wandered with the narrator’s, but it still intrigued me. Benjamin brings his past to the mix, which adds another twist to his former life. I wanted to learn more about his friend Diana Hotchkiss and her endeavors with government officials. The book kept me guessing what was next and how far Benjamin would go to find the truth. The book is an intriguing mystery that includes some historical background of the White House that I never would have thought about before.


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