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University celebrates its student employees

Posted on 04.24.2013

Career Services recognized the University of Indianapolis’ nearly 1,000 student employees April 8-12 during Hard Working Hounds Week. Hard Working Hounds Week is affiliated with National Student Employment Week, when offices express appreciation for the student employees who work on campus.

Assistant Director of Career Services Libby Davis was in charge of the week’s events.

“I’m excited to see our student employees recognized. They work hard, and sometimes it’s easy to perhaps not appreciate all that they do contribute to the overall function of the university. It’s a wonderful week to really focus on them,” Davis said.

The events began on Monday with office door decorating across campus.

“There was no contest, because I wanted campus engagement,” Davis said. “I didn’t want that competitive feel. I just wanted offices to participate and to really recognize their student employees.”

On Tuesday, the annual ice cream social took place, for student employees to take a break and be recognized as Hard Working Hounds.

Director of Career Services Paul Gabonay said that he thinks student employees are a vital part of UIndy.

“There’s a whole lot of work that probably wouldn’t get done without them. In certain situations and certain offices, they are absolutely critical,” Gabonay said.

The rest of the week was rounded out with office parties to celebrate student employees. More than 100 “Hound Hero” awards were presented during the week, which was something new this year.

On Sunday, April 14, Hard Working Hounds Week ended with the Student Employee of the Year banquet. Twenty-four students were nominated. The criteria of reliability, quality of work, initiative, professionalism and demonstration of learning were considered by a committee of six faculty members.

Senior communication major Christi Larimer won the Student Employee of the Year Award. Davis said that what set Larimer apart from the other candidates was the letter that accompanied the nomination, which said, “Christi will leave a legacy of leadership, hard work, determination and success when she graduates.”

Davis said that recognizing all student employees for their hard work, with the banquet and numerous awards, is important.

“Student employment is more than just earning a paycheck, or working to meet some of the bills, or earning enough money for pizza or clothes or music or whatever. It really is about learning. It’s another component about learning. We want students to see that connection,” Davis said.

Gabonay said that UIndy was a little late in beginning a student employment program, but he believes in the program that is now in place.

“We’ve invested a lot of time and effort, and a good amount of money and resources, to really do right by the students in terms of student development, as student employees….” Gabonay said. “We try to prepare students on campus for jobs off campus through internships and jobs.”


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