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Uncle B’s Drive-In Fiction

Posted on 04.24.2013

“Uncle B’s Drive-In Fiction” is a book encompassing six novellas by different writers. The book is a kind of tribute to the drive-in movie theatres that have all but disappeared. The collection is divided into three sections, called screens, with two novellas per screen. Writers Garnett Elliott, Matthew C . Funk, C.J. Edwards, Jimmy Callaway, Alec Cizak, and David James Keaton make up the collection lineup.  Reading the book suggests the experience of parking your car in a grassy lot and watching six different movies about Cthulu bikers, zombies, backwoods slashers, superhero gangsters, pornographers and more. The best thing about this book, other than getting six dark- humored but violently serious novellas, is the experience of the drive- n without leaving the comforts of your home. If you miss going to the drive-in but always  hated sitting in your car, go sit in a comfortable chair, pop some popcorn, and read this book.


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