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Posted on 04.24.2013

Bestselling author Meg Wolitzer’s new book, “The Interestings,” is a story about long-time friendships and envy. The book follows a group of six teenagers from art camp to decades later, well into adult life with all its successes and disappointments. The book specifically focuses on Julie “Jules” Jacobson as she transforms from an awkward,  shy teenager to a woman who is an aspiring comedic actress. Then later in life she gives up her dream and settles down as a therapist with a depressed husband. The friendships endure and prosper,  but also emphasize the differences amongst the characters. Wolitzer has captured the frustrations of drama and the various topics within the book, creating a way for readers to identify with the characters. While the book is definitely interesting, it starts off a bit slow. Regardless, by the end, the book is engaging and enjoyable. Books you may also like include “The Mothers” by Jennifer Gilmore,  and “Life after Life” by Kate Atkinson.


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