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Student to release EP, tour

Posted on 04.24.2013

Have any exciting plans for summer?  Sophomore environmental science major Evan Slusher does. He and his guitar will be touring for a month this summer across the East Coast. Slusher, a singer-songwriter, has been playing at clubs and events across Indiana and in surrounding states.

Although a musician, Slusher is also passionate about the environment. He said that he began bird watching as a child and has had an interest in nature since.

“Ideally, out of college, I’d be playing music pretty much full time. But I’d like to work for a nature conservancy or the National Forest Foundation [and] do conservation work as well,” Slusher said.

Slusher taught himself guitar at age 10. He also has learned to play a variety of other instruments, such as banjo, mandolin and piano. Slusher said that his mother, who studied music at Ball State University, was an inspiration for his music career.

As a performer, Slusher said he is no longer nervous when on stage, compared to when he first started. He has become very comfortable in front of crowds. During his days in a middle school band, Slusher began writing his first lyrics. The lyrics he writes today are inspired by his life experiences and friends and family.

“We [the band] were tired of doing covers. I started writing songs . . . It was really bad [at first], but over time I got better,” Slusher said.

Although most students only have to worry about upcoming finals, Slusher is also preparing for a tour and is working on releasing an Extended Play or EP. This short album is expected to be released this spring.

To help raise funds for the expenses of touring and his upcoming EP release, Slusher will begin a Kickstarter campaign. On this website,, friends, family and fans can donate to support his career.

“It’s hard [balancing out everything]. I’ve been recording recently. It takes a lot of time to book a tour, always emailing and recording. I take care of the business and creative [parts for his music], and then there’s school,” Slusher said.

Mathematics Faculty Adjunct Doug Miller has been Slusher’s professor for one year. Miller said that he and Slusher often talk outside of class, and he was surprised about Slusher’s talents.

UIndy student sophomore Evan Slusher plays guitar and sings onstage while performing his original music. Photo contributed by Evan Slusher

UIndy student sophomore Evan Slusher plays guitar and sings onstage while performing his original music. Photo contributed by Evan Slusher

“Evan’s a really low-key kid. He hasn’t told me anything about it [his music], but I think that’s really cool,” Miller said.

Miller says that the only advice that he has for Slusher is to keep doing well in school even with all the performances and work outside of classes.

Slusher will play at the Earth Day Festival on April 27 at the White River State Park downtown. The event will promote environmental protection and allow Slusher to showcase his music. More information about Slusher’s music is available at

While Slusher would like to win accolades for his music,  he remains realistic about his career.

“I think it’d be awesome to win a Grammy,  but I’d never expect to,” Slusher said. “I would be happy to just be playing to people who want to listen for the rest of my life.”


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