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Posted on 04.24.2013

Like “The Phoenix,” Fall Out Boy rises from the ashes to fill the void in music created by the band’s four- year hiatus. Although hatersare going to hate, FOB’s new sound is without flaw.  Several things still distinguish FOB: lead vocalist Patrick Stump’s angelic voice, bassist Pete Wentz’s emotive lyrics and the band’s signature attitude. “Save Rock and Roll” features a wide range of influences from island-flavored acoustics on “Young Volcanoes” to a brief dubstep bass-drop on “Death Valley.” The album has four strong tracks that feature the British singer Foxes, rapper Big Sean, hot mess Courtney Love and music legend Elton John. While the new album is a departure from the punk-heavy albums “From Under the Cork Tree”  and  “Take This to Your Grave,” true fans will notice that FOB has evolved its  sound over time. Though FOB claimed in “Take Over the Breaks Over,” that “seasons change but people don’t,” FOB has changed and not for the worse.


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