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Posted on 04.24.2013

When I sat down to watch the MTV Movie Awards, I was expecting the hostess, actress Rebel Wilson, to be the controversial riot she had been billed as in promotional commercials for the event. The show opened with a spoof of “Iron Man”  featuring a parodied dance routine of “Pitch Perfect,” which I thought was impressive. So I expected the rest of the show to be up to the same standard. Well, I was wrong.  The celebrities accepting their golden popcorn awards looked bored, with the exception of a tearful Emma Watson accepting The Trailblazer Award for her career.  Macklemore debuted his new song wearing a tasseled cape that bugged the fashion policewoman in me. Wilson was no help in bringing the show to life. The jokes were bawdy but nothing exceptional, with many references to Wilson being fat and Channing Tatum’s bare buttocks. If you missed this, I envy you greatly. Seth MacFarlane did a much better job hosting the Oscars, and he did not need to make many references to his anatomy.


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