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No. 1 softball extends winning streak

Posted on 04.10.2013

The University of Indianapolis softball team swept the University of Southern Indiana Screaming Eagles in a doubleheader on April 7, taking a 5-0 victory in the first game and a 5-1 victory in the second.
In the first victory, the Hounds took care of business early. UIndy scored their first run during the top of the first inning. In the top of the second, the Hounds scored four runs which led to an early lead of 5-0. For the remainder of the game, however, neither team scored and the Hounds won the game.
Senior pitcher/utility Jennifer DeMotte took the victory for the Hounds, allowing one hit and no runs and striking out five players.
In their second victory, the Hounds trailed by one run headed into the seventh inning but were able to escape the possible upset by scoring a run during the top of the seventh to force extra innings. After a scoreless eighth inning, the Hounds pulled away during the top of the ninth with four runs, which led to the victory.
Taking the win for the Hounds was DeMotte, allowing no hits or runs and striking out two players.
Earlier that weekend, the Hounds kept their winning streak alive by defeating the Kentucky Wesleyan College Panthers on April 6 in a doubleheader, 6-2 and 4-2.
In the first game, the Hounds took a 1-0 lead during the top of the first, but the Panthers responded with a run of their own in the same inning, making the score 1-1. After a scoreless second inning, the Hounds regained the lead with a run during the top of the third, 2-1. Two innings later at the bottom of the sixth, KWC drew the game even once again, 2-2. However, in the seventh and final inning, UIndy pulled away with four more runs and held the Panthers scoreless in the bottom of the inning, claiming the victory.
Freshman pitcher/infielder Morgan Foley claimed the win for the Greyhounds, allowing one hit and zero runs and struck out two players.
In their second game against KWC, the Greyhounds held the Panthers scoreless until the bottom of the seventh but hung on for the win. During the game, UIndy put together a run in the second and two more runs in the third. After three scoreless innings, the Hounds added another run at the top of the seventh, putting them up 4-0. In the bottom of the seventh, KWC attempted to get back into the game with their first two runs but failed to complete the comeback attempt, giving the Hounds the victory.
Foley took the win for that game as well, allowing five hits and two runs and striking out nine players.
The Greyhounds also defeated the Saint Joseph’s College Pumas in a doubleheader, 8-0 and 5-1, on April 2.
In the first game, freshman outfielder Erika Goodwin created the Hounds’ first score off a base hit from DeMotte.
Neither team scored through two innings, allowing the Hounds to maintain their lead, 1-0. The Greyhounds scored again at the top of the fourth with a home run by sophomore outfielder Samantha Krcelich, making the score 2-0.
DeMotte added another home run at the top of the seventh inning, followed by a run from junior utility Alexa Alfaro off a single from senior infielder Bailey Wittenauer, making the final score 8-0. DeMotte contributed to the Greyhounds’ win by pitching six scoreless innings.

Sophomore outfielder Casey Williamson prepares to swing during one of the Greyhounds’ doubleheader games against Lewis University. UIndy won both games by the final scores of 7-2 and 10-1. Photo by Victoria Jenkins.

Sophomore outfielder Casey Williamson prepares to swing during one of the Greyhounds’ doubleheader games against Lewis University. UIndy won both games by the final scores of 7-2 and 10-1. Photo by Victoria Jenkins.

In the second game, the Hounds scored first at the top of the second with DeMotte, after freshman catcher and infielder Jenny Thompson was walked. The Greyhounds continued to add to their points on the board as sophomore outfielder Casey Williamson hit a two-run home run at the top of the third, which also allowed sophomore utility Taylor Russell to score, adding to the UIndy lead, 3-0.
The Pumas were able to score in the bottom of the fourth with a pair of walks, a single and a Greyhound fielding error, making the final score 5-1.
Foley had 10 strikeouts and surrendered four hits.
Head Softball Coach Melissa Frost-Fisher said that heading into the team’s games with the Pumas, the Hounds had to stick with the game plan that they had used all year.
“We have a lot of goals that are at stake. We came short last year, so we are using every game this year as ammo, and we want to keep the ball rolling,” Frost-Fisher said. “We approached it as a job, and we approached it like we do every game.”
The Greyhounds played against the Lewis University Flyers in another doubleheader on March 30, winning 7-2 and 10-1.
Alfaro said that when playing against a conference rival, such as Lewis, the two teams know what to expect from each other.
“It’s kind of always like a revenge game, to see who is going to pull off on top,” Alfaro said. “It’s always fun and exciting, but it’s definitely worth the challenge.”
The first game was scoreless until Williamson hit a home run at the bottom of the third. Krcelich added to the UIndy total with a single to right field, allowing Alfaro to score, which extended the Greyhounds’ lead to 2-0 at the bottom of the fourth. The Flyers tied the game 2-2 with two runs at the top of the fifth.
However, the Greyhounds gained five more points with runs by junior catcher and infielder Cori Eckerle, senior infielder Kelsey Rummel, sophomore utility Jessica Vlek, Krcelich and Williamson at the bottom of the sixth, retaking the lead and claiming the victory, 7-2.
Foley earned the win, allowing no runs and pitching five strikeouts.
In the second game, Russell hit a home run at the bottom of the third, claiming the first run for the Greyhounds. The Flyers tied the game 1-1 with a home run at the top of the fourth. The Greyhounds put up most of their points at the bottom of the fourth and pulled away with nine runs, making the final score 10-1.
“It was a tight ballgame for us, and we really haven’t been put into that situation in a while, to where we take the lead and they tie it up,” Frost-Fisher said.
The Greyhounds defeated the University of Wisconsin-Parkside Rangers on March 29 in another doubleheader, 8-0 and 7-0.
In the first game, DeMotte pitched 18 no hitters out of 20 batters, with seven of those being strikeouts.
DeMotte hit the ball out to center field to help Goodwin score the Hounds’ first run at the bottom of the third. By the end of the third, the Hounds led 3-0 over the Rangers.
The Hounds had a combined four home runs at the bottom of the fifth and sixth innings by Wittenauer, Krcelich, Russell and Williamson. Wittenauer’s home run at the bottom of the fifth allowed Alfaro to score, adding two more runs for the Hounds.
“Our offense came alive, and that was the biggest thing,” Frost-Fisher said. “We had four back-to-back [home runs], which was crucial. We just kept being persistent and hit the ball hard, and that’s what we’ve been asking our girls to do.”
In the second game, both Foley and freshman pitcher Lauren Swenson were able to keep the Rangers from scoring in all seven frames. Foley struck out 11 batters and walked no players in six innings. Swenson came in for the seventh inning and allowed only one hit.
The Greyhounds did not score until the bottom of the fourth, when Williamson scored off a single from Alfaro. Following Williamson’s run, Alfaro and Wittenauer scored as well, making the score at the end of the fourth inning 3-0. At the bottom of the sixth, Rummel hit a home run with two other runners on the field. Goodwin scored the Hounds’ last run off a single from Williamson, making the final score 7-0.
The Greyhounds will take on USI again at noon on April 13 at Baumgartner Field. On the following day, the Greyhounds will host KWC for a rematch as well at noon.


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